“The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

~Abraham Lincoln~


SGC is among the top rated places that I have worked for. I consider most of the people here to be very helpful. The networking here has been great. If you have a question there are multiple higher ups you can call to get answers that do not mind a bit or get agitated that you are calling.

Moving from a local competitor to SGC was one of the best decisions. The pay is better, the team is better (professionally and socially), and the work experience is better. I feel empowered to make my own day, and make it successful for both myself, my team, and the company.

Great company to work for. Management was very helpful and always willing to help. Administration was always available and willing to problem solve any questions.

Great hardworking atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to advance and learn new skills through real world applications/projects. I started as a 2 year intern in 2016 where I immediately felt like part of the team and was invited to participate on hundreds of unique projects. More recently as a 2 year full time employee, SGC has allowed me to work on my leadership skills and take leadership on smaller projects as well as taking on new clients and seeing projects from start to finish. The social environment is second to none and there are plenty of opportunities to get to know and learn from co-workers, even outside of work. Level team structure makes it so knocking on a manager or senior employee’s office door or sending a message is met with an attentive response to any questions. Plenty of opportunities to attend training sessions and conferences and in-house training sessions and materials are also available. Compensation and benefits packages are excellent and the amount of technical knowledge of this team constantly astounds me. Overall, SGC has been and continues to be a great place to work.

Great place to work. Professional and treated employees with utmost respect. Great team to work with.

The compensation and benefits are great, and the flexibility offered would be considered above average.

Excellent salary and benefits. Professional employees and supervisors. Very family oriented.